FTC Annual Report on FDCPA


Download 2007_FDCPAReport.pdf

Download the full report by clicking the link above. Here is the conclusion of the 2007 report:

"Although many debt collectors covered by the FDCPA already comply with the statute, the Commission continues to receive a significant number of complaints about those who do not. Combined, complaints about third-party debt collectors and in-house collectors in 2006 totaled 90,629 and represented 26% of all complaints the Commission received (excluding complaints about identity theft and the Do Not Call registry). Through its FDCPA program of enforcement and education, the Commission encourages collectors who comply with the law to continue to do so, and provides strong incentives for those who are not complying to conform their future practices with the dictates of the law. Vigorous federal and state law enforcement in this area is essential to stop those debt collectors who fail to follow the FDCPA."

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  1. I wonder if the data is being portrayed with persepective. Given the growth of the industry and that we have thousands more bill collectors joining year over year, are complaints on the rise? A question we should all ask.
    In Nevada this same information is being used to pass a state law that will allow consumers/debtors to secretly record bill collectors.
    Makes me wonder if the bill collectors are getting worse or is the industry growing so fast some of the facts are getting blurred?

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