CMA 2007 Credit Executive of the Year Award


CMA yearly searches for a worthy recipient
A worthy recipient of a special, unique award
Competence and excellence must dwell in the participant
And experience if possessed moves the nominee onward

To be a nominee is an honor and a privilege
But to be a winner is a real humbling experience
Yes, to be a nominee allows your peers to see your edge
And as a winner you rejoice, for behold! Your audience

Thus, CMA Credit Executive of the Year Award
Is given this year to a willing, eager recipient
To a credit professional whose actions move him forward
To a founder of GAIN to a great token travel agent

So have you guessed?  Yes, have you guessed who is the winner?  Have you?
It is my honor, then, to present it to Kevan Dragoo

Where is he today?  Not in Montebello but on a cruise
Celebrating 20 years of marriage, a fancy, a muse
Kevan Dragoo Credit Executive of the Year: Congrats!
The world of credit and CMA keep looking for the SMARTS

So, my dear friends, embrace this award and promote it with zeal
Reach out!  Recognize! Reward!  Kind acts that touch a dear colleague
Search for the worthy, for the willing, eager, active do seek
And thus a worthy recipient will be honored next year

(Note: The picture is of Eddy Sumar, last years Credit Executive of the Year and this years presenter. This picture was not taken by Harvey Branman 😉 – it was taken by Dina)

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