Increasing Profits on Canadian Sales – Webinar


Is your company
currently selling goods into Canada – or thinking about selling into
Canada? If so, this Webinar will expose the “hidden” profit opportunity
lying in your Accounts Receivable if you understand and properly manage
Canadian Commodity Taxes.

If your company is actively seeking
opportunities to reduce costs and add those savings back to its bottom
line this is a program you should not miss. Most companies overlook
significant hidden profits tucked away in Accounts Receivable.

how by effectively handling price adjustments, rebates, promotional
allowances, bad debts, and short payments you can take advantage of
Commodity Tax savings to add to your company’s bottom line.

Your Presenter, Barry Korchmar a Canadian Commodity Tax and Trade Consultant, will provide specific analytic techniques to help you
understand how to analyze customer accounts. The process covered is
useful for both Canadian and domestic activities.
Specific topics covered include:
• An overview of Canadian Commodity Tax
• How A/R adjustments can result in tax savings
• Canadian Tax rates and structure
• The impact of sales price and bundled pricing on tax liability
• Case study examples Who should attend?
This will offer the newcomer and seasoned credit and finance
professionals an opportunity to increase their understanding of
Canadian Commodity taxes.

Anyone should attend who is interested in
preventing profits from being inadvertently squandered due to poor
management of Canadian tax.

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