USA – Average Collector Recovers $655,162 in Gross Revenues During a 12 Month Period


Kaulkin Ginsberg, a strategic advisory firm, is conducting an ongoing operational benchmarking study for the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry. The research addresses three quantifiable areas of participating collection agencies’ operations including staffing, company financials, and collection statistics. The survey has already produced some interesting results.

For the twelve month period ending on June 30, 2006, the average collector brought in nearly $655,162 in gross revenues. This figure was calculated by dividing the gross collections for each company participating in the study (gross collections are total recoveries, including payments to creditors) by the number of collectors on staff and taking the overall average. The median gross revenue taken in by collectors during this same period was $400,774.

“The purpose of this research initiative is to give ARM companies the opportunity to benchmark themselves against their competitors while retaining anonymity,” said Kaulkin Ginsberg Director Paul Legrady. “Interest in our first study was high, so we’ve decided to continue the study, covering all of calendar year 2007.” Participating companies can analyze their own standing within the ARM marketplace and monitor industry trends.


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