Strategies for Improving the Work Environment


For many employees who are
dissatisfied with their jobs, it often isn’t the work itself that makes
the position unrewarding, but rather factors like a poor work-life
balance, an uncommunicative supervisor or lack of recognition for
strong performance. As a manager, you have the ability to structure
your department for maximum worker satisfaction. It’s to your benefit
to do so, because contented employees are more likely to be loyal to
your firm.

A recent Robert Half Management
Resources survey of 150 executives with the nation’s 1,000 largest
firms highlights some ways to make your company a more pleasant place.
Executives were asked, "If you were the president of your company,
what, if anything, would you change?" Twenty-six percent suggested
improving the work environment, and 17% said they’d focus on better
employee communication. Here are some of the responses:

  • "Focus on programs to help achieve work/life balance."
  • "Support more flexible programs such as offering telecommuting options."
  • "Allow staff to wear business casual attire all the time."
  • "Increase the number of vacation days, and tuition and mileage reimbursements."
  • "Promote entrepreneurship."
  • "Celebrate more often and offer individual    ‘thank-yous’ for accomplishments."
  • "Improve internal communication so everyone is on the same page."
  • "Have
    senior management do more walk-arounds so that people feel a natural
    connection with those leading the company. It puts a face to a title."
  • "Effectively communicate the company vision so everyone is aligned with where the company is going."
  • "Be more frank with employees about what is going on with the company."
  • "Listen to employees more."

Workplace improvements can create long-lasting
benefits in terms of staff productivity and retention. By creating a
supportive environment for new ideas and smart risk-taking, as well as
by promoting work/life balance, you’ll foster a workplace where
employees want to stay.
Source: Robert Half Financing and Accounting and Accountemps

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