Session Monitors Chosen for NACM Credit Congress


Thanks to everyone who responded to our request for Session Monitors for the NACM Credit Congress happening in June. As the host affiliate, we are responsible for ensuring the Congress is a success operationally. 35 CMA Members answered our call for Session Monitors and 13 were chosen. They are:



























Am Com Food
Jacqueline Lopez
Brady Industries Vivian Lee
CBS Radio Donna Blizniak
City Seafoods Kattie Ong
CKR Michelle Aljiliani
Folsom Ready Mix Sherry Raposo
San Francisco Chronicle Ross Hawkins
Sigler Wholesale Gary Goldberg
Silgan Containers Tracy Rosenbach
Sunsweet Growers Karen Miller
Sysco Food Services Debby Hathaway
Wander Law John Wander
Winroc Sandy McConnell

Thanks again for your quick responses and we hope to see you at this years NACM Credit Congress.

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