Picture: Jodi, Kitty, and Debbie at WRCC Party


Look what Kim Lamberty found at the CMA Offices in Las Vegas, a great picture of Jodi Owens, Kitty Boozer, and Debbie Pio from a past Western Region Credit Conference.

As we start the planning for the 20th Annual Western Region Credit Conference it is always great to look back on the awesome parties and events in previous conferences.

For this years evening event, we are considering a party called Techno2020 – with great dance music, futuristic costumes, prizes and dinner. If you have any ideas please click on the Comment button below and share your thoughts.

For those Las Vegas members who miss Kitty everyday, like we do, we hope this picture makes you smile today!

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  1. In my own defense, I’m generally so shy. I have no idea why my mouth is gaping open. Someone must have just given me some shocking news! But seriously, if you have any pictures from the past 19 conferences, please send them to me. We’re working on a great surprise! Hope to see you there!

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