Study Ranks eCredit at Top for Multi-Bureau Scoring


The Credit Research Foundation has found eCredit, Dedham, Mass., is the top multi-bureau credit scoring solution in its recent study of business credit scoring.

eCredit ranked behind only D&B RAM/eRAM and in-house systems as the most widely used credit scoring solution.

The Credit Research Foundation’s (CRF) new study indicates a trend toward increased adoption of credit scoring, with 64% of respondents who aren’t using credit scoring indicating that they plan to implement it within the next five years.

The study also demonstrated that it is credit managers themselves driving this change: 70% said they were the catalyst behind the implementation of the credit scoring solution.

“It appears that the advent of credit scoring in the management of B2B receivables is upon us,” said Lyle Paul Wallis, CRF vice president of research. “Demands prompted by internet commerce, pressures to do more with less, compliance issues and competitive pressures will continue to drive the movement towards the application of credit scoring and statistical modeling to the management of B2B receivables,” he said.


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