Managing a Satellite Staff


Mergers and acquisitions, plus flexible time and multiple work sites, have
created the need for alternative work situations–and in many cases this means
offsite teams. In the electronic age, employees at different sites can be
connected by e-mail, fax, telephone and web conferencing. Whether your employees
are working at a different plant, factory, office building or simply from home,
addressing the issue of satellite staffs is vital to your business’s success.

What type of employee is best suited for off-site work? Specifically,
employees must be independent self-starters who do not need an on-site
supervisor. They need to be assertive enough to speak up, state views and ask
for assistance before situations become critical. In addition, they must be
self-critical workers who can evaluate their own work and know when input from
others is needed. They must voluntarily seek advice and counsel from others
without fear of appearing inadequate, unconfident or unprofessional. And most
importantly, they must be able to create their own work day and schedule without
the structure of a formal, eight-hour day.

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