Swicki’s Clear Out the Web Clutter


A swicki is a community powered search engine, tailored to produce only the targeted search results that you and your community want.

A swicki shows a buzz cloud of what is hot in your community and makes it easy to find the best content, news and info on the web.

The search results from the swicki you create are much more focused than a general search engine and they will continue to learn and adapt, anonymously and automatically, based on the search behavior of your community.

Working together, we can clear out the clutter of the web, and help each other identify sites of importance to Credit Managers. Get involved today by doing some Swicki searches and rating the search results. You can search all of CMA’s sites at once using our Swicki.

Try out the Business Credit Swicki below – or on the right side of the CMA Daily News screen.

check out the Business Credit swicki at eurekster.com