CMA Members’ Yellow/Red Sales Idea Published


Louise McCracken from Foxhollow was the subject of the published Case Study in "What’s Working in Credit and Collections" January Issue.

Here is her message to Cheryl Hammond and a link to the published Case Study which is invaluable to all members.

Congratulations Louise, CMA is proud to have you as a member!

"Hi Cheryl…

        Thought you would like to see this.  It is related to credit and collections.  Probably something you can post on the CMA web site or mention it in a newsletter or something like that…

        I filled out a questionnaire from a monthly publication we subscribe to called “What’s working in Credit & Collections.”  One of the editors responded and conducted an interview in relation to the monthly yellow/red alert schedule I distribute every month.  This was before the Holidays and I forgot all about it.

        Received the January issue of the publication yesterday and found myself published.  Copy of the article is attached.  Does that mean I am entitled to bragging rights?  LOL just kidding.  I am so jazzed, had to share the information.

        Is it possible to post this article on the web site so the Sales Force has an opportunity to gain some insight and perspective with the “nuts and bolts” in Accounts Receivable?  Please advise.

Kindest Regards,

Louise E. McCracken
Sr. Accounts Receivable Specialist
Redwood City, California, USA"

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