Collecting on Your Delinquent Account – NACM Teleconference

Litigation Strategy for the Credit Professional

Date: Monday, December 11, 2006

3:00 – 4:00pm eastern Cost: $59.95 per line

Presenter: Scott Blakeley , Esq.

Scott Blakeley will discuss the following items in dealing with a delinquent account:

• When is an account "delinquent"?
• What are the potential sources of collection, from shareholders, to promoters, to guarantors, to successor corporations?
• What assets are available, including sufficiency of security and possible defenses to payment?

The likelihood and effect of bankruptcy on the collection of a delinquent account will also be considered. Such as:

• How to consider document retention, including emails, in collecting on a delinquent account.
• How arbitration and mediation operate as a means to collect the delinquent account, including binding the customer to arbitration and preparing for arbitration.
• How a repayment agreement may be used as a preference defense.
• Looking to the court system to collect a delinquent account.

Mr. Blakeley will reflect on factors such as jurisdiction, prejudgment remedies and timing. He will further discuss the issues of collecting the delinquent account once the vendor has a judgment, including judgment liens, garnishments, writs of possession and judgment debtor’s exams.

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