Glimpses into CMA’s History in Pictures

We found a large box of old black and white photos dating back to the late 50’s showing the history of CMA. I am working on scanning many of the photos. Here are a couple to wet your appetite:

Voice_of_gavel The original "Voice of the Gavel" presentation, demonstrating a debtors unwillingness to release information even when under pressure in court.

There was no date on the back of this picture. It almost looks like a scene out of Casablanca.

Cma_history_party Here is a picture of a "Hawaiian Luau" event. Everyone is seated according the their Industry Credit Group. The groups would have contests for table centerpiece decorations.

In other pictures showing Christmas and Annual events some of these centerpieces were very creative. I will scan some of those pictures as soon as I can.

We are also working on ideas on how to use these pictures to market CMA. If you have any thoughts please comment on this post. These pictures are a great testimony to the strength of our association over time.

Special Note: There are also some awesome pictures of Los Angeles during this time period. I will scan and post those in a separate folder for those LA Historians out there.

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