What’s this Swicki thing?

On the main page of CMA Daily News – over on the right hand side after the recent posts, you will now see a SWICKI.

This Swicki is designed to search all of CMA’s websites at once for the information you need. That means it combines anscers.com, creditservices.org, encyclopediaofcredit.com, anscers community and the general web all into one search and brings you back results.

Our Swicki will also display the most common searches that are being made, so you can see what other people like you are searching for. Just click one of these search phrases to start the search.

As we use this tool it will become smarter and smarter and more focused on the type of results Credit Managers are looking for.

Please feel free to bookmark the CMA Daily News page and use our Swicki as much as you need.