First-Time Management Jitters

Congratulations, you’ve been promoted! While this is great news, it can
cause more trepidation than celebration for first-time managers. You may have
confidence in your ability to do the job but less self-assurance when it comes
to supervising others. Here are some ways to establish credibility and win the
support of your new staff:

  • Communicate clearly.
    Be sure to keep your team informed of project goals, priorities and deadlines.
    Effective communication is essential in building your team’s confidence in your
    leadership abilities.
  • Set a good example.
    Demand from yourself the same level of professionalism, excellence and
    dedication you expect from your team. For instance, if you require staff members
    to work until 6 p.m. each day, don’t leave at 5:30 p.m.
  • Delegate. To
    delegate is to manage: Match the right person with the right tasks based on your
    department’s needs and the abilities of each individual.
  • Trust your team.
    Forty percent of executives polled by Robert Half International said it’s common
    for managers to oversee projects for which they have limited experience. That’s
    why it’s important, especially for new managers, to rely on the expertise of
    experienced staff and encourage everyone to share ideas and information.
  • Offer recognition.
    Lack of recognition is a leading reason professionals leave their jobs.
    Whether it’s publicly acknowledging employee efforts or offering casual
    compliments, you’ll build staff confidence and encourage hard work by praising
    your team.
  • Expect the
    In a survey by Robert Half International, nearly three-quarters
    of executives said they respond to unexpected crises a few times each week.
    Thirty-five percent address such issues daily. While not every bump in the road
    is a disaster, make sure you’re always on the lookout for possible problems.

Off-Line Advantage

Looking for a
job? Consider a low-tech approach. In a survey by Robert Half International,
nearly one-third of executives polled said employee referrals are the most
effective way to locate talented workers. So, talk to members of your
professional network about opportunities they may know of. Securing a referral
from a trusted colleague provides you with access to positions you may not be
able to locate on your own. And there’s an implied recommendation from the
person providing the referral.

Also remember to keep your ears and eyes
open for positions individuals you know may be interested in. Passing along a
helpful lead will encourage others to return the favor. Often, there is a
financial reward, too, as many companies offer bonuses to workers who refer new

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