New Experian study analyzes small-business market

Experian compiled a sample of more than 1.2 million incorporated and
unincorporated small-business owners, selecting businesses that had no more than
25 employees and $10 million in annual sales for the research. To develop the
study, Experian leveraged its proprietary data from its Business Owner Link file
and its INSOURCESM consumer demographic database. By utilizing this unique
combination of business and consumer information, Experian is the only company
able to provide such a comprehensive view of today’s small-business owner.

The results of the study indicate that owners of incorporated businesses tend
to be more active, educated, wealthy and younger than owners of unincorporated
businesses. Additionally, the research showed that incorporated owners tend to
show a higher affinity for travel, gadgets and high-end foreign cars than their
unincorporated counterparts.

A sample of the study’s findings includes the following information:

  • Incorporated business owners have incomes 35 percent higher than the overall
    population. Comparatively, unincorporated owners’ incomes are 24 percent higher.
  • Incorporated owners are 56 percent more likely to have completed college,
    whereas unincorporated owners are 29 percent more likely.
  • Incorporated business owners are 94 percent more likely to exhibit “work
    hard, play hard” attitudes than unincorporated owners and the overall

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