Microsoft Releases Free Accounting Software

In an effort to capitalize on the growing number of eBay businesses, Microsoft began offering a new version of its small-business accounting software on Tuesday.


A pre-release beta version of Microsoft
Office Accounting, formerly called Small Business Accounting, is now
available for free download on Microsoft’s website. The latest version
offers new features designed to help small companies do business on the


Like its previous
version, the beta software offers accounting tools to manage and track
inventory, print checks, pay bills, and create invoices. However, the
beta version has added tools that integrate the software with eBay,
PayPal, and Equifax.


The software
facilitates eBay sales by allowing business owners to select products
from their inventories, list items for sale, and view the status of
listings from within the accounting application. Online shopkeepers can
also download the results of sales transactions and related fees
directly from eBay into the software.


Because the
software can be configured to work with PayPal business accounts,
businesses can use online invoicing and accept payment via e-mail or
direct credit-card payments. In addition, users can monitor the
credit-worthiness of their customers and vendors using Equifax from
within the accounting software.


The new version of
Office Accounting also supports multi-currency accounting and allows
users to customize the layout and labels on accounting forms.

Source INC. Magazine