– Access Billions of Public Records

Website provides access to over 37,000 public records databases. "The original, largest, most up-to-date and reliable directory of public
records on the Internet. Online since 1997, continues
to be by far the best resource of business information, corporate
filings, property records, deeds, mortgages, criminal and civil court
filings, inmates, offenders, births, deaths, marriages, unclaimed
property, professional licenses, and much more."

I have demonstrated Search Systems many times in the Internet as a Credit Tool Seminars. It is an awesome service for those who have the time to search for the information.

If you do not have the time to perfom the searches, you can contact CMA’s Credit Information Services Department (818-972-5300) and have us do the searches for you ($$) and fax or email you the results.

Internally, we do not use Search – we use aggregator services that search multiple databases at once.


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