TIME: 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. (PDT)

This Webinar introduces a six step process of value to
both novice and experienced collectors. The session
will cover how to develop a “psychological” advantage
over collectors from other companies trying to collect
money from your customer. In today’s environment,
when money is scarce, you need a competitive
advantage to get paid first.
Phone Power Collections details a six step proactive
process that will put you at top of the priority list for
payment. Specifically the session covers:
1) Re-collection Planning
2) Professional Conduct
3) The Collection Statement
4) Customer’s excuses
5) The rebuttal
6) The follow-up
Within each step there is an explanation of common
sense and psychological advantages to put you on the
top of the paying list. Don’t be an ordinary collector.
Be a collector that stands out in a positive way, so you
always get paid first in an environment of scarce cash.

This program is part of the Working Capital
Management Track and the session level is Basic.

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  1. I honestly do believe that HOW collectors go about trying to collect unpaid debt is vital to the success of the endeavor. Too often, collectors are relentlessly hostile, threatening, and abusive, and that only alienates the debtor!

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