CMA Member Referral Program

Do you know anyone or any company who would benefit from CMA Membership? For each referral that becomes a member you receive a $25 Target GiftCard. Download Referral Forms Today!

Refer prospects to CMA and when they become a CMA Member you will receive a $25 Target® GiftCard.

Referrals work the best when you have had a chance to share your excitement about being a CMA Member with the prospect. Download Referral Forms Today!


1. Refer companies in your industry with which you already have a good relationship, talk up CMA and the benefits your receive.

2. Talk to friends who are credit managers at non-member companies.

3. Consider companies that ask you for credit ratings or provide your company with credit ratings.

Member Referral Program Rules

All leads received from CMA members from April 1, 2005 on will qualify. Leads must include prospects company name, location, phone number and name of contact. When the referral becomes a member, the referring member will receive a $25 gift card. A referring member must be a member in good standing of CMA Business Credit Services to receive the reward. If a referring member is no longer a member of CMA at the time that the referral becomes a member the reward will be void. A CMA member can be rewarded with unlimited numbers of $25 gift cards, there is no reward cap. The referral must become a member within one year of the referral date. When you refer a company for membership you allow CMA to use your name as the referring member. For example, "You have been referred to CMA by Jane Doe at XYZ Corporation."

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